About Us

Nepal Handicraft Collections (P) Ltd. is a recognized government registered company established to conserve the traditional arts and to promote and motivate old and new creative artists. Since, seven years, we are manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and exporting handmade  Products from Nepal. Our Products are designed with Innovative-art-of-design with the highest qualities. We deal with Woolen shawls, blanket, scarf, and other products, 100% pashmina and mixed pashmina goods felt items, items from recycle and other decorative items.

All our products are prepared by the minorities and under-privileged women of Nepal. In addition to them, some men are helping with us producing recycle items and operating the factories. Our these efforts help to boost the economic condition of a family through women empowerment. creating the jobs from them. From the beginning, we have never compromise on our products. Due to our unbelievable services and incomparable qualities, our satisfied customers and demands are increasing each day.

Our website provides a good platform for the international handicraft wholesaler in order to meet the desired needs of Nepal handmade products.